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  • The Best Way to Care for Your Lingerie


    Women invest a lot of money and thought when purchasing the perfect set of lingerie and with the right care, they can preserve them for long time and keep them in the best condition. The most important factor is the type of detergent you use for your intimates. There are many detergents to choose from but be aware that some are better quality than others and thus, will help keep your lingerie looking and smelling just like new.

    Eucalan Delicate Wash is one of the most popular and well-known brands for your fabric washing requirements because of its natural scents and mild nature. The family owned and operated company has been perfecting eco detergents for 25 years. Every component of the Eucalan product line is manufactured within an hour and half of the home office in Paris, Ontario, reinforcing their commitment to the environment. Their products help keep your cloth clean and soft, preserving their life for long run. Eucalan needs no rinsing which means it leads to stress-free washing of fibers that helps to keep your clothes soft and healthy. The most important ingredients of this product are Lanolin and lavender oil which restore the actual conditions of your fabric.

    Here are some benefits of Eucalan Delicate Wash:

    1. This is a no-rinse formula for your fabrics which improves their conditioning against moths and fleas.
    2. It is an ideal solution for hand washing as well as machine washing.
    3. It spreads a wonderful firm scent, 5 scents to choose from!
    4. Preserves life of your delicate clothes with the help of its stress-free process.
    5. Eucalan is an environment friendly formula.
    6. It is easily available in variable sizes with unique scents.
    7. Eco-friendly and made from all natural ingredients.
    8. You can cut back water use by at least 50% using Eucalan.
    9. The lanolin in Eucalan and the essential oils used to scent the product act as natural fabric softeners and help prevent static cling.

    Eucalan’s Five Famous Scents:

    • Eucalyptus: An original scent which is extracted from crucial oils of eucalyptus. This oil is an organic flea and moth inhibitor, thus it is preferred for delicate cloths like lingerie, sweaters, jackets, hosiery and baby items.
    • Grapefruit: This scent is generated with the help of vital oil of grapefruit which acts like a natural antiseptic and thus gives perfect option for lingerie washing. It avoids chances of mold and keeps cloths fresh.
    • Lavender:Scented from crucial oil of lavender and possesses many antiseptic properties.
    • Natural: This is the natural form of Eucalan product without any additional scent; it is famous for its soft washing therapy.
    • Wrapture: The latest addition in Eucalan product family which is formed with oil of night Bloom Jasmine and acts as a natural antiseptic solution. It gives your delicates an intoxicating scent with romantic touch of Jasmine.

    It is always recommended to wash your intimates and delicate clothes with natural products, so choose our Eucalan Delicate Wash in five intoxicating scents. Eucalan Delicate Wash can be added to your washing machine but for lingerie, hand washing is always preferred, and Eucalan makes it a one-step easy process. This technique will extend life of your clothes and will keep them in proper shape. Eucalan is a great product for those who are more sensitive to infections and allergens as it protects your clothes from chemical damage and keeps fabric healthy. Maintaining true to our commitment in bringing you only the highest quality products, Heiress Schaefer is proud to offer you Eucalan Delicate Wash, available in various scents, most containing fruits as an active natural ingredient. Eucalan is the perfect choice for washing your lingerie, as well as all other clothes, including baby items. Shop our selection today!

  • Boost Your Self-Esteem With Gorgeous Lingerie!


    We all have our bad days- you know, when you wake up late, throw your hair in a messy pony tail, and barely have enough time to brush your teeth, let alone put on make-up. If you’re like most women, you probably don’t feel your best about yourself on those days. Now, think about how you feel when you have time to blow out your hair, put on your regular make-up, and choose an outfit that is flattering from all angles; you probably feel a lot better on those days. Lingerie is the same way. There will be days when the only things you have clean are boring cotton underwear and bras, while other days you’ll wear your cutest bras and panties. You may not have never consciously thought about it, but I can almost guarantee that when you are wearing quality intimate apparel, you feel better about yourself, and present yourself more confidently. When it comes to intimate time in the bedroom, there is no doubt that beautiful and luxurious lingerie can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem!

    For everyday wear, women need intimate apparel that is supportive, comfortable, and is invisible under clothes. But there is no reason to wear drab, unflattering lingerie! Imagine a plain white cotton bra next to a colorful, lacy bra- which one makes you happier? Odds are, the beautiful bra is more appealing. When you put on something beautiful, you will instantly feel more attractive and confident, even if no one else knows what you are wearing under your clothes. You will most likely find yourself walking taller, possessing a sense of high self-esteem, and exuding confidence that just isn’t there when you don’t feel your very best. Not to mention the fact, that high-end intimate apparel will also physically enhance the feminine parts of your body, making you look great.

    Lingerie in the bedroom is a whole different story. Men are highly visual creates, and they love sexy lingerie! This is not to say that you should ever count on a man to boost your self-esteem. But I think that you will find that when you are wearing gorgeous lingerie, your significant other will be eating out of the palm of your  hand. In turn, you will feel desirable, sexy, and ultra-confident. That is a win-win situation for both of you! You don’t have to wear sensual lingerie every night- but any man will appreciate it if you do!



    What it comes down to is the fact that when you are wearing something beautiful, you will feel beautiful! This is not exclusive to lingerie, but I would say that a corset or garter will make you feel a bit sassier than a new pair of jeans. Purchasing luxurious lingerie is an ideal way to make yourself feel beautiful, feminine, and incredibly sexy! What women doesn’t want to feel that way? I am curious- do you notice a difference in how you feel when you wear gorgeous lingerie and intimate apparel?


  • Want to Look Good in Lingerie in 15 years? Take Care of Your Décolletage

    Tips for a youthful decolletage

    Isn’t décolletage a beautiful word? Its literal translation from French is “having a low neckline”, but it is commonly used to refer to the area of a woman’s body from her cleavage to her jaw line. When wearing lingerie, this area is very exposed, and is incredibly feminine. But it is also a part of the body that is often neglected in regards to skincare, which can result in really giving away a woman’s age as she grows older. How often have you seen a woman with a youthful face, but a wrinkled neck and chest? It doesn’t matter whether you are 20 or 40- proper décolletage care can keep you looking young and great in lingerie (as well clothing) for years to come. Just use the following tips:

    Use a Quality Cleanser

    The skin in this area of your body is just as delicate as the skin on your face! Instead of using body wash on your décolletage, take the time to clean the area with the same gentle cleanser that you use on your face.


    The skin in the area from your cleavage to your jaw line is very thin, and lacks ample oils glands. This is one of the main reasons that the skin of a woman’s décolletage appears to age faster than other parts of her body. One of the very best ways to prevent this is by moisturizing this part of the body every single day. If possible, use a rich, high-quality facial moisturizer. Any other facial serums, such as anti-wrinkle creams, are also very beneficial on the chest.

    Change Your Sleeping Position

    This may be bad news for side and stomach sleepers, but the best ways to prevent wrinkles from forming on your décolletage is by sleeping on you back. Sleeping on your back will keep your skin from getting creased, and forming permanent wrinkles.

    ALWAYS Apply Sunscreen

    We all know how damaging the sun is to our skin, and most facial products have sunscreen incorporated into them. But do you apply sunscreen to your décolletage daily? You really should, if you want to keep your skin healthy, and looking youthful.

    Use Natural Exfoliants

    The skin of your décolletage is too delicate for acid peels that are commonly used on the face. But using natural exfoliants, such as papaya, pumpkin, and pineapple enzymes, regularly can do wonders to keeping the skin on your chest looking radiant and young.

    Wear the Proper Size Bra

    An ill-fitting bra can cause you to have bad posture, or may cause creases in your skin from being too tight. A bra of the right size will support your chest, and help you stand up straight. This will keep your décolletage smooth, while helping the above mentioned tips to keep this area of your body looking young and healthy.

    At Heiress Schaefer, we specialize in providing our customers of all ages with gorgeous, sensual lingerie that makes a woman feel sexy and confident. When you shop our collection, you will find the very best in luxury lingerie from the top designers in Euroe and Asia.

    Let us know- do you take care of your décolletage properly?

  • Buy the Right Styles of Lingerie for Your Body Type

    Lingerie for Different Body Types

    One size fits all rarely applies to women, especially when it comes to lingerie. Figures come in all shapes an sizes, so what may look fantastic on one person may not be as flattering on someone else. The key to looking great in lingerie, or any type of clothing for that matter, is purchasing items that will flatter your body shape. The most common body shapes are: apple shaped, pear shaped, rectangular, and hour glass. Don’t worry- no matter which category you fall into, there is lingerie available that will look gorgeous on you!

    Apple Shaped

    A woman with an apple shaped figure typically has large breasts, is fuller in her midsection, has broad shoulders, and slim legs. If you are a woman with this type of body type, the key to looking and feeling your best in lingerie is to emphasize your bust and legs, while camouflaging your tummy. A long line bustier is a great option, as it maximizes cleavage, while hiding the stomach. Empire-waisted baby doll nighties are also a good choice, as they draw the eye to the breasts, and flow around the midsection.

    Pear Shaped

    Pear shaped women tend to have a slim upper body, but are fuller in the hips, thighs, and buttocks. A woman of this body shape looks best in lingerie that emphasizes the upper part of the body, while concealing the hips, bottom, and thighs. Low cut nighties that hit at mid thigh are great for drawing the eye up, and hiding the areas that pear shaped women are uncomfortable with. If you want something shorter, look for a baby doll nightie that has ruffles along the bottom to disguise larger thighs.

    Rectangular Shape

    Also commonly referred to as a “boyish” figure, women who are rectangular shaped are typically thin, and lack curves. But buying the right types of lingerie can give the illusion of curves, and play up a rectangular shaped woman’s best assets. A slim midsection make two piece sets a sexy choice for this body type. If you’re flat chested, give your breasts a full look with a high quality push up bra. Another tip to look fuller up top is to select a bra with a lot of embellishment, such as a bra with a lacy design. Flirty boy shorts will show off your back side, while drawing attention to thin legs.

    Hour Glass

    A woman with an hour glass figure has a small waist, with a bust and hips that are in porportion to each other. Vintage style lingerie looks fabulous on hour glass figures, as the design really plays up a woman’s feminine shape. Thongs are also perfect on the hour glass shape, as they allow a woman to show off a curvy behind.

    No matter what type of body shape you have, Heiress Schaefer has breathtaking intimate apparel that will flatter your figure, and make you feel supremely seductive and confident. Our collection includes bras, panties, garters, and corsets from the top designers in Europe and Australia, so you can count on the very best in materials and craftsmanship.

    Are you wearing the right lingerie for your body type? Let us know in the comments!

  • Australian Lingerie Commercial Pulled Due to Viewer Protests

    girl in car2
    A lingerie chain in Australia is getting more attention than they intended, after their  commercial was deemed to risqué for television. The ad for Innerware Lingerie features a woman clad in a bra, panties, and thigh-high stockings walking into a tire shop, where she asks the person at the counter “Can you fit me?”.

    The ad was intended to advertise the store’s bra fitting services, but many viewers were outraged by the spot, and made their displeasure known by complaining to Australia’s Advertising Standards Board. The complaints came from many people, from concerned mothers to unhappy wives. One woman went so far as to say that the commercial contributed to her husband’s porn addiction.

    The Advertising Standards Board did feel that the commercial was not appropriate for TV, and released a statement saying “the advertisement did have a strong sexual suggestion with the combination of the woman wearing lingerie, her sexualized strutting, the focus on her body and the sexualized conversation”.

    Evan Zorba, who opened the chain on Innerware Lingerie boutiques in 1994, says that he did not mean for the commercial to be offensive. “My wife was the one who wanted something more exciting…The idea was about having fun with it. We didn’t want to offend anyone”. The company has since put out a new commercial, which promotes their 40% off sale, and is not as risqué.

    In addition to creating a new commercial, Innerware Lingerie also issued a public apology, saying “On behalf of Innerware and Crisp Advertising, please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that we inadvertently caused”. While the commercial may have caused some negative reactions, a retailer can’t pay for this type of publicity! Anyone in Australia who did not know about Innerware Lingerie is sure to know about them now.

    After watching the pulled commercial online, I can see how it may not be appropriate to be aired during hours when children may be watching television. But, I did not find it as offensive as I expected it to be after reading about how outraged some people were.

    If your looking for the ultimate in luxury lingerie that is sexy and seductive, look no further than Heiress Schaefer! Our high end lingerie is carefully selected from top designers, and will make any woman feel gorgeous and confident. When shopping for risqué lingerie, don’t forget to check out our fetish accessories.

    Have you seen this lingerie commercial? If so, what did you think? Leave us a comment, and let us know!

  • Lingerie After Baby


    Pregnancy and giving birth is an incredibly amazing feat that only women are capable of going through. But there is no doubt that carrying a child can change a woman’s body in a number of ways. Unfortunately, many people look upon these changes in a negative way, instead of focusing, and embracing, the positive- your body just brought a new person into the world!. When you have a newborn, putting on lingerie and looking good is the least of your worries! But becoming a mom doesn’t mean that you have to give up your sensual side.

    For the majority of women, getting back into pre-baby shape takes some time. This is to be expected! But it doesn’t mean that you can’t feel sexy and confident as you loose the baby weight! Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world- but staying intimate with your partner is essential. Will your sex life be the same after having a child? Probably not, unless you have a full time nanny. But connecting with your significant other on an intimate level regularly can do wonders to make you feel gorgeous and build your confidence and self esteem.

    Lingerie is a great tool to utilize when getting back into the groove of things after a baby! There are so many styles available, including many that emphasize the bust, while hiding the stomach. It’s not always easy to feel sexy after having a child, but luxurious lingerie  will help you feel your very best.

    After you have a baby, accentuate the best, and hide the rest! Choose lingerie that highlights your breasts- your significant other is sure  to love that! Do you have great legs? Buy some quality hoisery to show them off! Babydoll nighties are also great for post-partum moms, as they hide the tummy, and bring attention to your breasts.

    Whatever you choose to do, don’t dwell on the shape of your body. It will bounce back if you give it time! But trust me- re-establishing intimacy with your child’s father will make it a lot easier to tackle the parenting thing as a united front- something that is all so important when you have kids!

    Women need time after having a child to recover from labor and birth. But when you are ready to show your significant other that you are still hot after having a baby, we invite you to turn to Heiress Schaefer! We feature the most luxurious lingerie from the most exclusive designers in Europe and Australia- we are pretty sure that your husband will be impressed!

  • You're the Treat This Halloween

    You're the Treat This Halloween

    Halloween is not just for kids! This holiday is an excellent opportunity to explore your desires, and really heat things up! There are many options for sexy Halloween costumes that can be worn out to parties, but this year Halloween may be more fun spent at home. It is the perfect opportunity to surprise your significant other with seductive pieces that he has never seen you wear before. When you spice things up with the ultimate in risqué lingerie and fetish accessories, he is sure to find you to be the best treat of the night.


    Your're not going to find a high-quality mask like this in any costume shop! The Maison Close Le Sublime Masque is completely made of lace, and is gentle on the facial skin. You can wear it this Halloween, but you are sure to use it many times after the holiday passes.


    Halloween is all about pretending to be someone else- the Maison Close La Cavaliere Rhinestone Whip is sure to bring out your inner seductress! Introduce this sexy accessory your bedroom for an amazing night.


    Have a Halloween party to attend? These stockings by Maison Close are the perfect sexy accessory for any costume. An extra bonus is the fact that your man will love to see you wearing just the stockings after you take your costume off at the end of the night!


    How often do you get to wear pasties? Halloween is the perfect time to try them out! These pasties by Maison Close are incredibly sexy, and will allow you to act out all of the fantasies that you have been thinking about this year. They are also made of the highest quality materials, so they will last far beyond the end of October.


    Don't forget about the tricks this Halloween! These Maison Close handcuffs are sure to create an unforgettable time for you and your significant other! Something as sexy as these will be something that you are so happy that you purchased.

    Heiress Schaefer truly is the ultimate destination for breathtaking luxury lingerie. Everything mentioned above is perfect for Halloween, but it can also be used year round to ensure that you and your man have an incredible time in the bedroom! When you make a purchase from Heiress Schaefer, you can rest assured that you are recieving a high quality product from the hottest designers in Australia and Europe. We know that our customers expect the best, and we take great care to ensure that the lingerie that we offer is the best available.

    Do you plan to wear a sexy costume for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!




  • Pleasure Is Always a Good Thing


    Candid talks about female pleasure, and how to best obtain it by oneself, are not always blatantly common among women. This is a topic that can be discussed among very close friends, but most women tend to keep this part of themselves to their self. This is quite different from the perception of self-pleasure in men – it’s pretty much expected, and there is much less social stigma when men talk about it, and it is also referred to in frequently in popular media.

    This perspective probably won’t be changing in the near future; but women will always be exploring their sexuality, and finding ways to obtain a release when they are single, or when their significant other is not available. Many women would love to own a toy that is made just for them, but too many toys are obviously designed by men, as a number of them are phallus-shaped, and not designed in a way that specifically stimulates the female anatomy. Vibrators are nothing new, but vibrators that look different, are designed differently, and were created in part by a woman, are something to pay attention to.

    Based in San Francisco, CRAVE is an innovative company that has made it its mission to create a full line of toys and jewelry fetishes for a woman to use either by herself, or with a partner. Their products are nothing like the vibrating toys that one can find in any adult shop - these are high-quality, modernly-designed, technologically sophisticated instruments that are made with complete female pleasure in mind. From their elegant chic to their unparalleled functionality, it is immediately clear that these products are in a completely different league.

    The pleasure products made by CRAVE are sure to become a favorite with all types of women - but they can’t be purchased just anywhere. CRAVE toys are targeted towards discernable women, who know what they want, and are seeking the best products on the market to fulfill their needs. Their innovative design alone makes them a must have. Each model is sleek and sexy, but to the unaware eye it may not even be apparent that it is an adult toy. The ultra sheik Wink can easily be taken in your purse and mistaken for mascara or lip gloss.

    Heiress Schaefer is excited to carry several models of the amazing vibrators and fetish jewelry from CRAVE. Our company has always focused on offering our customers the very highest quality products, and we are confident that you will agree the line of vibrators from CRAVE cannot be beat by any other brand on the market. So please, take a look at our new products from CRAVE - we have no doubt that you will be as impressed by each these seductive items as much as we are.

  • Older Models Being Featured In Lingerie Advertisements


    Fashion is an industry where a model can be “washed up” before she turns 30. Many areas of the fashion sector, including lingerie, use models in their early to mid 20’s as the stars of their marketing campaigns. But a recent trend has seen familiar faces who are aging gracefully land major lingerie advertising campaigns, and model lingerie in high-end runway shows.

    It makes sense to feature older models in lingerie campaigns; the young models typically used are gorgeous, but the 18-25 demographic is just a small slice of lingerie consumers. Seeing an “older” women- by fashion’s standards- sends the message that beautiful and sexy lingerie is not just for young woman, but rather for women of all ages. Let’s be honest, the older models are still models, so it is not as if they were the same as everyday women. In that respect, while mostly positive, using older lingerie models does present some challenges. Women have their own body image issues as they grow older, and seeing someone closer to their own age looking incredibly fabulous in a magazine ad can sometimes make them feel worse about their own perceived flaws. But for the most part, seeing models who are over the age of 30, or even 40, showcasing lingerie is a refreshing change.

    Don’t think that lingerie brands are using older models just to make a wider range of consumers fee good about themselves, or to push forward change in an industry that is dominated by youth. They are still in business to make a profit, and this is a clever marketing ploy designed to reach a larger audience. Like all fashion brands, the main message is “you may not be 21 anymore, but if you buy this lingerie, you can look gorgeous and feel confident”.

    Older lingerie spokesmodels are not just found in a few random catalogs, or one-off advertisements. These famous faces are landing international campaigns for some of the most well-known designers and lingerie brands in the world. You are sure to recognize these women- many were incredibly well known supermodels in the 1990s, and now as women in their late 30’s and early 40’s, they still have the iconic looks that made them famous, as well as the figures to advertise lingerie to the masses.

    So, who are these famous older lingerie models? Last year Claudia Schiffer, 43, who first became famous as a bombshell GUESS girl more than 20 years ago, worked with the brand again to model pieces of clothing and undergarments. Christy Turlington, 44, became the face of Calvin Klein in 1988- she recently posed for a provocative photo to advertise the brand’s intimate apparel. This past summer, Naomi Campbell, 43, took to the runway for Atelier Versace, modeling shear lingerie created by the iconic design house. These are just a few of the older models that you may see in glossy lingerie ads, and as lingerie consumers age, there are sure to be more to follow.

    At Heiress Schaefer, we have lingerie for women of all ages. You will find a stunning collection of luxury bras, panties, corsets, and robes that will make you feel sexy, beautiful, and utterly confident.

    What do you think about older lingerie models? Leave us a comment below!

  • A Brief History of the Corset

    Luxurious, custom made, French Corsets

    Corsets are one of the most beautiful types of lingerie available, and there is no doubt that they do amazing things for figures of all shapes and sizes. This undergarment has a long history, and women have been wearing them for hundreds of years. Today, the majority of women don’t wear corsets on a regular basis, but in the past it served as an important foundation garment that played an integral part in the fashions of the times.

    Even during the late Middle Ages women cared about how their figures looked! During this time, they wore tightly laced bodices, which were stiffened with paste, in order to give their midsection a smooth line. Things changed during the 16th century, as silks and velvets from Spain and Italy became the fabrics of choice for the elite. These fabrics required a firmer foundation to achieve the look that was in fashion at the time, thus whalebone became the first choice in shaping material; thin strips of whalebones (which were not actually bones, but actually keratinous material found around the upper jaws of baleen whales) were inserted into outer garments to create whalebone bodices that were laced tightly to give the upper body a V shape. By the 17th century, whalebone linings were no longer popularly used in outer garments- instead, they began being used in undergarments that were commonly referred to as “stays”.

    The term “corset” began being used in the early 1800’s. From this time forward, the pronounced hourglass figure that corsets created were the height of fashion, but it also became the social norm for all women to wear one. By the early 20th century, whalebone was replaced by flat spiral-steels, and the 1920’s and 1930’s saw lighter girdles become the undergarment of choice for women. Up until the 1960’s, women of all ages and social classes commonly wore girdles or corsets as undergarments. Eventually, diet and exercise became the common way to control how one’s figure looked, along with the help of new fabrics, such as Lycra.

    While women today don’t need to wear corsets in order to achieve the body type needed to wear the latest fashions, they are still popular as undergarments under wedding dresses, or as sexy pieces of lingerie worn in the bedroom. There is a good reason that corsets were so popular for so long- they make women look amazing! But all corsets are not created equal- if you’re going to buy a corset, make the investment in a high quality piece that is perfectly sized, and made of luxurious materials that will last for a long time.

    At Heiress Schaefer, we are excited to now carry exquisite, hand-made corsets from Victorian Woman! These luxurious corsets are crafted in France, and are custom made to your exact measurements. If you are a true lingerie lover, you will be amazed when you receive your Victorian Woman corset.

    We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment and let us know if you own a corset, and how often you wear it.

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