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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 4:37:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Isn’t décolletage a beautiful word? Its literal translation from French is “having a low neckline”, but it is commonly used to refer to the area of a woman’s body from her cleavage to her jaw line. When wearing lingerie, this area is very exposed, and is incredibly feminine. But it is also a part of the body that is often neglected in regards to skincare, which can result in really giving away a woman’s age as she grows older. How often have you seen a woman with a youthful face, but a wrinkled neck and chest? It doesn’t matter whether you are 20 or 40- proper décolletage care can keep you looking young and great in lingerie (as well clothing) for years to come. Just use the following tips:

Use a Quality Cleanser

The skin in this area of your body is just as delicate as the skin on your face! Instead of using body wash on your décolletage, take the time to clean the area with the same gentle cleanser that you use on your face.


The skin in the area from your cleavage to your jaw line is very thin, and lacks ample oils glands. This is one of the main reasons that the skin of a woman’s décolletage appears to age faster than other parts of her body. One of the very best ways to prevent this is by moisturizing this part of the body every single day. If possible, use a rich, high-quality facial moisturizer. Any other facial serums, such as anti-wrinkle creams, are also very beneficial on the chest.

Change Your Sleeping Position

This may be bad news for side and stomach sleepers, but the best ways to prevent wrinkles from forming on your décolletage is by sleeping on you back. Sleeping on your back will keep your skin from getting creased, and forming permanent wrinkles.

ALWAYS Apply Sunscreen

We all know how damaging the sun is to our skin, and most facial products have sunscreen incorporated into them. But do you apply sunscreen to your décolletage daily? You really should, if you want to keep your skin healthy, and looking youthful.

Use Natural Exfoliants

The skin of your décolletage is too delicate for acid peels that are commonly used on the face. But using natural exfoliants, such as papaya, pumpkin, and pineapple enzymes, regularly can do wonders to keeping the skin on your chest looking radiant and young.

Wear the Proper Size Bra

An ill-fitting bra can cause you to have bad posture, or may cause creases in your skin from being too tight. A bra of the right size will support your chest, and help you stand up straight. This will keep your décolletage smooth, while helping the above mentioned tips to keep this area of your body looking young and healthy.

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Let us know- do you take care of your décolletage properly?

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