Heiress Schaefer Signature Robe

Quick Overview

AN EXCLUSIVE ITEM FOR YOU. The luxurious feel of microfiber in a stylish, five-star quality wrap up robe, only at Heiress Schaefer. You don't need a reservation in Beverly Hills or Milan, but get the same style and comfort as only top hotels offer. This deluxe long-sleeved, short-cut hotel-style wrap up robe features the Heiress Schaefer name with a delightful floral design, all done in stunning Swarovski crystals. Quality construction and stylish design make this robe a fashion piece you will depend on. Exclusively at Heiress Schaefer.

• Materials: 100% microfiber

• Swarovski rhinestones are placed individually by hand

• Two deep front pockets

• Microfiber robe belt

• Made in California