10 Mar

Making Your Bedroom Your (and Your Partner’s) Favorite Place to Be

Your bedroom is the most important room in your home. It’s the place you spend most of your time, whether you’re sleeping, getting dressed, or having some intimate time with a partner. The way you decorate it, paint the walls, pick out the perfect bedspread - are all part of an atmosphere you’re subconsciously trying to create: one that is pleasing to you and whomever you invite into your bedroom. Here are a few ways you can accessorize to make your bedroom your favorite place to be.

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19 Jan

Roses Are Red, But Valentine’s Lingerie Should Always Be Black

That special day when everyone stops to think about their special someone, is just around the corner. It’s customary for lovers to show their appreciation for each other with a romantic gift. Finding the perfect present can be an extraordinarily difficult task, you think to yourself. What should I get? How will he/she interpret this gift? What’s their size? How much money should I spend? Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed - you can buy the perfect gift that’s in your budget, easier than you think. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

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04 Dec

Fashionable Informal Wear: Elegant Beauty, Luxurious Comfort

Whoever once said “pain equals beauty” was seriously mistaken. From silk to microfiber, mandala prints to bold colors, anyone looking to embrace femininity, grace, and charm, even in times they might typically feel undone, can do so - and be wrapped in luxurious comfort while looking elegantly beautiful.

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06 Nov

Embrace Perfection with the Perfect Bra Size

We women all do this first thing in the morning: jumping out of our comfy pajamas, squeezing ourselves into our bras, and crawling out of bed half asleep. Sometimes, we get so used to that intimate piece of our outfit that we hardly ever take a step back to look at what we are wearing. 

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20 Oct

Three Tips to Pick the Right Lingerie for Your Lady

Gentlemen out there, the holiday season is just around the corner, when would be a better time to pamper your lady with a new piece of lingerie? The moment she unveils her beautifully garmented body, the silk, the lace, and the pearls shimmer. Smile on her face, lust in the air, you are her Christian Grey tonight. That spark in her eyes tells: you just managed to please your love with the perfect gift, and she is more than ready to reward you for that. 

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20 Sep

Lingerie: A Vital Part of a Lady’s Wardrobe

No matter your size as a lady, there are vital clothing essentials that every lady must have in their wardrobe. These essentials have always been in vogue as much as it has been worn since the primitive period and it has transcended in style, fashion and taste over the centuries. However, having various functional and remarkable pieces of lingerie in a lady’s wardrobe is of vital importance. You see, lingerie plays two roles - the first being to cover and protect your private areas (functionality) and the second is to be fashionable and make you feel irresistible. 

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29 Aug

How to Create the Perfect Romantic Evening

An evening alone with someone special can be one of the most enjoyable experiences we can have in life, the fluttering butterflies in your stomach as you anticipate what awaits. As with all other things in life, to ensure your night is success for you and your lover, you must plan how you imagine the night should be, and start making your preparations. Fixed for a romantic evening but don't know how to get ready? We’ve got all the key information you need to be a romance professional. Check out a few simple tips for creating the perfect romantic evening.

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08 Aug

Lingerie Tips For The First Time Buyer

A woman's world is overflowing with choices to be made from top lingerie brands. These could include the simple choices like what shoes to rock to work, what shade to dye your hair or what bra and undies you need to add to your wardrobe. Some choices are more difficult than others, but when it comes to lingerie, it should be fun and easy!

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10 Apr

How to Properly Wash Your Delicate Items

Women invest a lot of money and thought when purchasing the perfect set of lingerie and with the right care, they can preserve them for long time and keep them in the best condition. Check out our tips for learning which products to buy and how to properly wash and care for your delicate items.

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01 Apr

Boost Your Self-esteem with Gorgeous Lingerie

We all have our bad days- you know, when you wake up late, throw your hair in a messy pony tail, and barely have enough time to brush your teeth, when you have time to blow out your hair, put on your regular make-up, and choose an outfit that is flattering from all angles; you probably feel a lot better on those days. Lingerie is the same way. There will be days when the only things you have clean are boring cotton underwear and bras, while other days you’ll wear your cutest bras and panties. You may not have never consciously thought about it, but I can almost guarantee that when you are wearing quality intimate apparel, you feel better about yourself, and present yourself more confidently. When it comes to intimate time in the bedroom, there is no doubt that beautiful and luxurious lingerie can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem!,

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