Embrace Perfection with the Perfect Bra Size

Sunday, November 5, 2017

We women all do this first thing in the morning: jumping out of our comfy pajamas, squeezing ourselves into our bras, and crawling out of bed half asleep. Sometimes, we get so used to that intimate piece of our outfit that we hardly ever take a step back to look at what we are wearing. 

That is why, more than 70% of us are wearing the wrong-sized bra. We all seem to neglect the mystery of taking care of our breasts with the utmost support and comfort. Lying beneath this mundane routine, is the intricate enigma of human body and psychology. 

I know, I was one of those who thought a bra is no big deal, doesn’t have to be perfect to work. However, when I finally put on the right sized bra, it came to me: when I got my size wrong, I waved goodbye to these three things.

  1. The Perfect Look

When I wear my perfect bra, it goes unnoticed: it quietly complements my outfit. In fact, it had been invisible until the day I got a wrong sized bra. The outline of the bra appears underneath my shirt. The bra ruined my look, instead of supporting my outfit. 

Even though the bra is covered underneath layers of clothes, it still shows. When it’s too big, others’ attention is inadvertently drawn to that line along your breast line. When it’s too small, the bra straps ride up your back, and back bulge crawls up. Only with the right sized bra can our curves convey the magic. 

  1. The Perfect Body

There has been saying that an ill-sized bra is correlated with breast cancer. Although it is not yet scientifically backed, it does point to some health concerns when we fail to choose the right bra. Breast pain, skin irritation, and sagging breasts, some of the symptoms don’t show immediately but it will be too late when they do show. When the bra is too big, your breasts are not properly supported against gravity. When the bra is too small, you are taking away your boobs’ room to breathe. The friction between your breasts and the tight cup cause skin irritation. The overly tight underwire leaves red marks around your chest. 

Moreover, this effect goes way beyond your breast. Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and bad body posture are all closely connected with a wrong bra size. As something that accompanies us at least eight hours daily, the long-term effect is not negligible.  

  1. The Perfect Feeling

I bet you have experienced this: the band is way too tight. Almost suffocating, you can’t even move without the underwire stabbing your chest. You crave to take it off for a big deep breath. For the entire day, your mind longs for the moment of relief when you finally get rid of it.  

What about this: the straps keep sliding down your shoulder. You don’t want to embarrass everyone by reaching for the straps, but the uncomfortable sensation on your arms keeps you from focusing. Secretly maneuvering the straps up the shoulder for a thousand times a day is not fun at all. 

Well, be ready to walk down the corridor feeling like a queen. With the right bra, you are going to own it. Once again, the right bra should be invincible. When it feels so good that you feel nothing at all, you know you got the right one. 

We are all looking for perfection but you can’t find one without the perfectly sized bra. Waving goodbye to bad bra sizes, embrace perfect life with the best fit bra. I am more than ready to go through my lingerie drawer to restock it and start a new day in my new bra! 

Wait, how do I know if I am wearing the wrong size? Be on the lookout t for these signs: gap between cup and bust, band riding up, or underwire digging in. These are signs that your bra is not the perfect fit. 

Then, how do I find the right size? Here are a few tips on knowing your right size.

Step 1: Band size

Wear a simple bra, not a push-up. Wrap a soft measuring tape around your under bust; make sure that it is parallel with the ground. Take that number as your band size, rounding up odd number to the nearest even number. 

Step 2: Bust size

Semi-loosely wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust, also round up to the nearest number. 

Step 3: Cup size

Just a little calculation, then you are good to go. Subtract your band size from your bust size, and refer to this chart. 

Difference (in inches) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Cup Size AA A B C D DD DDD,F G

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