Fashionable Informal Wear: Elegant Beauty, Luxurious Comfort

Monday, December 4, 2017

Whoever once said “pain equals beauty” was seriously mistaken. From silk to microfiber, mandala prints to bold colors, anyone looking to embrace femininity, grace, and charm, even in times they might typically feel undone, can do so - and be wrapped in luxurious comfort while looking elegantly beautiful.

Modern Women

Gone are the days where women were confined to the home, rearing children. The days of choosing either family or a career are gone as well; women can now do it all. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day life with so much to do. Often times, women are so busy tending to their career and loved ones, making every effort to care for others, and neglecting to take some time to care for themselves. Some women are up for 3AM feedings for a baby, others are swamped with meetings for clients; some are away from home frequently and stuck in hotels traveling for work, while others are wrestling youngsters to get them in bed, and then battling again when it’s time to get them up for school. With the chaos that is bound to ensue at any time, let’s face it: it’s simply not feasible to wear nice dresses and high heels at all times. It’s not even feasible to be remotely put together on some days! While that’s true, there’s no reason to feel unkempt, even when we have to be up well before the sun is. It’s important to take time, even just a few minutes, to do something for oneself. Luxurious loungewear is a simple way to pamper, while simultaneously keeping up with life’s demands. So toss out your drafty, thread-bare robe and ditch the early AM rush to find an ensemble just for getting the kids to the bus stop; elegant and comfortable wraps and robes are the perfect way to start and end the day, or any time in between.

Sensual Mornings

When it’s early in the morning, sometimes nothing feels worse than having to leave the warmth of a comfortable bed. Duty calls, however, and we answer. What if we could just swap the coziness of our bed for the equally cozy and comfy robe instead? A deluxe robe can offer exactly that, and more. With the right print, style, and fabric, slipping into a robe can be pleasurable itself. A silky robe provides a sense of slinky, sensual style that is easy to look forward to first thing in the morning. Every woman should be embraced by sumptuous, rich comfort, from the moment they wake and care to grace the world with their presence.

Freedom in the Night

While a 5-star robe is tailor-made for stepping out of bed feeling confident and ready for the day, when twilight envelopes the sky, work is over and kids are settling down. Night is a time that for many women, symbolizes freedom. It’s a time for letting down your hair, sipping some wine, browsing your social media pages, and reconnecting with ourselves and our desires. There’s no better way to unwind from the day than enfolding into an indulgent wrap, even while getting ready for a much-needed date night or girl’s night out. Sure, there are terrycloth wraps out there, and those may be great for post-shower. Slip into a sultry, designer wrap, however, and you feel as if you’ve draped yourself in something that gives your little black dress a run for its money. The right wrap is just as functional as it is beautiful, though, and the sense of freedom that comes with it is undeniable.

Love Yourself

Yes, the to-do list is seemingly never-ending, and it feels as though everyone depends on us now more than ever. Of course we want to take care of those we love, but what about us? Are we being cared for just as much? It’s easy to lose sight of how our feelings affect not only our demeanor, but our overall capabilities. Unfortunately, the people we strive to care for don’t know if we feel tired, frumpy, or just plain in a rut. Sometimes the only ones that know what we need are ourselves. Uplift your spirit with the ease and relaxation that comes with an act of self-care, even something as simple as treating yourself to extravagant informal attire. Once you experience the serenity that accompanies a comfortable and luxurious robe, or feel the elegance that is a quality, indulgent wrap, the difference isn’t really simple at all- it’s profoundly wonderful.

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