Lingerie: A Vital Part of a Lady’s Wardrobe

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

No matter your size as a lady, there are vital clothing essentials that every lady must have in their wardrobe. These essentials have always been in vogue as much as it has been worn since the primitive period and it has transcended in style, fashion and taste over the centuries. However, having various functional and remarkable pieces of lingerie in a lady’s wardrobe is of vital importance. You see, lingerie plays two roles - the first being to cover and protect your private areas (functionality) and the second is to be fashionable and make you feel irresistible. 

There is an abundant variety of lingerie to choose from and they are made in different styles, colors, materials and quality when it comes to texture. Nonetheless, getting the perfect lingerie that suits your body perfectly and enhances your beauty should not be neglected as a lady. Being produced appropriately for all of body types, and give prominence to the curves and beauty of your body while concealing the part you don’t want to expose.

Lingerie has improved dramatically especially in the past hundred years. Now, there’s an endless array of different materials, colors and textures. They consist of mesh, lace, sequins, velvet, silk, chiffon and satin and many more. These interesting combinations of designs and colors make your wardrobe and your image something special to be appreciated as a lady. Spicing up your lingerie drawer is something every lady should take pleasure in, for nothing makes the eye linger better than lingerie. Therefore, equipping your wardrobe starts with some few vital pieces.


Giving Your Wardrobe an Enticing Push-up

The power of this enhancing push-up style lingerie should never be underrated. A push-up bra supports the bust, big or small, and gives a sexy feminine cleavage. If you cherish an outstanding structure for your body, a push up bra is the perfect lingerie item in highlighting your assets.


The Dramatic Bra 

Being equipped with the appropriate tools, revels the positioning of seduction. Nothing boosts your inner psyche and confidence than knowing that underneath your outfit, you’re wearing a dramatic, beautiful bra. Think of how elegant and sensual burlesque dancers look in their exquisite costumes, with bras adorned with beads, sequins, or rhinestones.This exotic, burlesque style bra should be owned by every woman. Don’t be shy, explore bright colors and edgy designs - wear your inner heiress!


The Thong or Tonga 

No matter what size your derriere, every bum looks great in a thong. Thongs have always been considered sexy because they expose a beautiful part of the female body. Not to mention, functionality - they are the best option when wearing a thin, form-fitting dress or skirt, as you want to avoid VPL (visible panty lines). Even if you prefer to wear full bottom panties most of the time, be sure to keep a few thongs in your lingerie drawer for those times when they come in handy.


The High-waist Panty

At times the most beguiling apparel you own can be the coyest one. Having at least one pair of delicate lace high-waist panties can offer the chance to reveal a different, appealing and seductive side of yourself. With the new styles and fabrics being used in the latest high-waist panty trends are not “granny panties.” The high cut is great for pulling the hips in and accentuating your waist, and can even be more appealing than a thong.


Sheer Seduction of Chemise

A sheer, transparent chemise is undoubtedly one of the most sensual fabric choices for lingerie. The texture is incredible and feels amazing on your skin because it is so light and breathable. Chemise is wonderful for robes, bras, panties and bodysuits. The transparent chemise is a timeless elegance that is truly a must-have in every lady’s wardrobe.

Updating your wardrobe with necessary lingerie can be an exhilarating experience that reminds every lady that she’s beautiful, inside and out! From getting the perfect fitting bras to having a quality chemise to suit your style, it is important to keep an updated lingerie wardrobe and switch up what you’re wearing to fit your mood or experience. As for being lingerie obsessed, we carefully select and offer you the best lingerie clothing to suit every aspect of your life, and spice up every moment you want to cherish.



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