Three Tips to Pick the Right Lingerie for Your Lady

Friday, October 20, 2017

Gentlemen out there, the holiday season is just around the corner, when would be a better time to pamper your lady with a new piece of lingerie? The moment she unveils her beautifully garmented body, the silk, the lace, and the pearls shimmer. Smile on her face, lust in the air, you are her Christian Grey tonight. That spark in her eyes tells: you just managed to please your love with the perfect gift, and she is more than ready to reward you for that. 

But wait, first things first, before we dive into such intriguing imagination, how do you pick the right lingerie? Be it your first indulging undergarment surprise for her, or your secret weapon to spice up your routine evenings, it is always hard to pick the best size, color, and style for your special one. Well, no sweat, this lingerie 101 has some useful tips to light up the romantic night. 

Know Her Size

You can never get the right lingerie without knowing the right size. It is way more complicated than you would expect, trust me. 

If you want to surprise her, then it’s time for a little espionage. She’s in the shower. Quick, this is the time. Take a sneak peek in her underwear drawer. No, it is not creepy. It’s for the greater good. Remember to study at least three bras from three brands because sizes from different brands differ sometimes. Take note of sizes for both top and bottom. 

Also, keep her body shape in mind when you are picking the lingerie. Choose those that complements her curves, and shun away from those that betray her insecurities.

Discover Her Taste

Remember, yes, you are the one buying and you have the finest fantasy of her in this piece you love, but at the end of the night, she is going to be the one wearing it. Think about her taste, her style, and even her personality. 

The shy type? A sheer lace babydoll that perfectly balances playfulness and comfort is the one you are looking for. Just enough to tune up the night, but not too much to catch her off guard. Flirty, but not overly dramatic, this irresistible sweet piece is the ideal first step to elicit the naughty side of her. 

Is she the elegant lady? Pearl is your answer. Indulge her with a luxurious piece, that is more than a piece of lingerie but a jewelry at the same time. Lavish and fancy, a strand of pearl ties you two up for the greatest sensuality and pleasure. 

Is she your sophisticated, smart, and sexy midnight goddess? The corset got your back. Straps and see-through, what could be a better combination for a lady that is cool on the outside and hot inside? When it comes to color, think about dark ones. 

You might even go the extra mile, and spoil her with little trinkets. But above all, comfort is the base line. It should be a gift that both you and she will enjoy.

Surprise Your Lady

Now, your secret bomb for the night is delivered. Well-wrapped, lying quietly in our scented box, it is waiting to be discovered. We are finally approaching the climax of this romantic evening. 

A good surprise is more than just the present. Location, timing, and presentation. Leave behind little hints. Keep her guessing. 

One classic option is to leave it in your bedroom, at a spot not too obvious, but not too hidden. Leave behind little clues that lure her into your sexy trap but keep her guessing. One exciting choice is to go for somewhere not so private. Leave it in the trunk of your car; disguise it among one of her shopping bags; a little box in a fancy restaurant. You name it. 

Set the mood. Light a scented candle, and play your song. The luring scent of secrecy occupies your bedroom. Now, sit back and enjoy this thrill of anticipation. Your heart skips a beat when she walks close to that hidden box in the closet corner; you cannot hold back the smile when her ecstasy radiates; you know you got her the right one the moment she puts it on. Don't forget to tell her how gorgeous she looks. 

Alright, you are all set! Lace, silk, pearls, and your lady. What else do you need to make the night sensational? One last thing, keep in mind that as long as you put the effort into it, she will always love this emblem of affection. Comment below for any other tips for picking the one for your love!


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