Roses Are Red, But Valentine’s Lingerie Should Always Be Black

Friday, January 19, 2018

That special day when everyone stops to think about their special someone, is just around the corner. It’s customary for lovers to show their appreciation for each other with a romantic gift. Finding the perfect present can be an extraordinarily difficult task, you think to yourself. What should I get? How will he/she interpret this gift? What’s their size? How much money should I spend? Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed - you can buy the perfect gift that’s in your budget, easier than you think. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Lingerie: The Sexy Gift

If you’re at the point in your relationship that you feel comfortable giving lingerie, it truly is the sexiest and most romantic gift for your lady (on Valentine’s Day, or any special occasion). Women love to feel desired and beautiful, so pick out something that will flatter her figure and allow her to show off her sexy side. Start with finding out her size. You’ll have to do some detective work, but it’ll be worth it. Nonchalantly take a peek in her special intimates drawer and check her bra and panty size. Now you’ve got her size, check that off your list. Time to choose color. Black is classic and looks great on everyone, so stick to black lingerie if you’re looking for seductive and classy. Next, try to go for a lingerie set - that means, choose a matching bra and underwear, or babydoll and bottoms, bodysuit and a thong - essentially a top and bottom. The gesture shows you splurged a little and went for a whole outfit. When it comes to style, look for something that will enhance her features. If she has a small bust, a pushup bra will give her a little something extra. If she’s busty, look for full coverage cups. For fabric, you can’t go wrong with French lace and bold modern designs. 

Robes & Wraps: The Comfortable Gift

If you feel like pampering your woman in a more spa-like way, the best choice is a luxury robe or post-shower wrap. WrapUp by VP robes and wraps are made from soft microfiber fabric and adorned with gorgeous prints and designs from delicate and feminine to exotic and eccentric. Most can be embellished with Swarovski rhinestones for added luxury. Short robes are perfect for a mademoiselle, or younger lady; long robes are perfect for the more sophisticated woman. Luxury wraps are great for anyone as they can be worn after the shower, pool, or lounging at the beach. Wrap her up in stylish modern comfort to show her how special she is.

Fetishes: The Lustful Gift

Whether you’re in the puppy love phase of your relationship, or your love life feels a little stale, a sophisticated fetish will ensure a happy ending every time. If you’re new to the exciting world of fetishes and role play, start slow with items like handcuffs, masks, feather ticklers, and whips. If you’re a pro or just the adventurous type, go for something a little more risqué like pleasure instruments, vibrating massagers or ben-wa balls. Crave is the creator of discreet fetishes like vibrating jewelry and the modern bullet. LELO offers a range of fetishes including flickering oil candles, pleasure sets, whips and cuffs, and even 24kt gold plated pleasure instruments that cost up to a cool $15,000. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to please your partner, just pick something thoughtful, and fun!

Briefs: The Man’s Gift

Women aren’t the only ones who want to wear nice undergarments and look and feel sexy - men do too. Besides, he deserves something special for his something special. New Captain handmade briefs from 600thread Egyptian cotton will surely put a smile on his face. Want to be a little flirty and fun? Check out LELO’s all new TUX - this sophisticated piece of gentlemen’s intimate apparel is hewn from satin and accessorized with a luxurious bow tie, while a band slips comfortably behind the male undercarriage to hold it securely in place. The one-size-fits-all design is perfect for any formal evening event. It’s haute couture at its hottest. 

Le Gift Card: The Savvy Gift

You’re completely stumped, you don’t want to risk picking the wrong thing and possibly ruining the whole occasion - or maybe you’re just short on time…how did Valentine’s Day come so fast?! Breathe - we’ve got you covered. Purchase a gift card (that never expires) and have it sent straight to your special someone’s email in seconds - voila!

No matter what gift you choose or how much you spend, what’s important is that you get something that comes from the heart, and makes your lover know you’re always looking to please them. Let our kind fashion experts help you pick the perfect gift - by phone, LiveChat, or email. Happy Love Day!



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