Lingerie Tips For The First Time Buyer

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A woman's world is overflowing with choices to be made from top lingerie brands. These could include the simple choices like what shoes to rock to work, what shade to dye your hair or what bra and undies you need to add to your wardrobe. Some choices are more difficult than others, but when it comes to lingerie, it should be fun and easy! Even men can relate to this - have you ever gone lingerie shopping with your woman and it takes her an hour to choose a panty? That’s because it really is important for a woman and without enough experience, it may seem scary or even frustrating. For the more-experienced buyers, purchasing lingerie is more of a second nature nowadays as we have moved on from the earlier days where we used to be unsure about what colors define sexy and what type of bras make our dress look more appealing. For our first time buyers though, here are a few tips to help you scale through the ordeal of selecting the perfect lingerie for yourself and something your significant other will enjoy as well.

1.    Be open to exploring - Surf the internet

We now live in an age where a lot of shopping transactions take place online, which creates a sense of ease and freedom in what you browse and buy. Long gone are the days that the only way to get a bra and panty is having to go to the store and talk face to face with a stranger about your lingerie needs. Shopping online lets you privately explore outfits and ideas that you normally might be shy about. You can find the largest selection of colors, styles, sizes, and fabrics just surfing the internet from the privacy of your home computer or even while you're out on the go using your mobile. 

For a first time buyer, you can even spice it up by shopping online with a friend or two that are skilled in the fine art of lingerie shopping. You also beat the nosy salesmen and can comfortably look for hours before finding what you want. Instantaneously you can compare prices, product reviews, and shipping costs. Keeping an open mind is key to ordering the perfect lingerie. 

2.    Choose comfort 

Many lingerie sets look good on the hanger or in photos - if they are the right fit for you depends on how comfortable you feel in them, and how you feel about yourself while wearing them. For most days (i.e. going to work, school, running errands) our lingerie should be something that is easy to wear and should complement your shape and figure. When it comes to lingerie, fabric is very important, as lingerie is the first garment to touch your skin each morning; its the barrier between your body and your clothes. If you're looking for your everyday bra, turn to fabrics like cotton which are breathable and light. Also, make sure to buy the right size band (34, 36, 38, etc) as buying the wrong size will not only be uncomfortable, but will negatively alter how your bra carries your breasts. 

3.    Know the theme 

As far as sexy goes, lingerie plays a significant role in creating a certain image and energy. Even as a first timer, you know what you are shopping for even though you haven't found it. If you are looking to update your underwear arsenal to spice up a romantic night, you definitely will look to unique pieces like Bracli pearl lingerie or a pushup bra in a fun color. An excellent way to make a choice when it's a romantic call is to have your significant other accompany you while you sample their opinion on your favorite picks. 

4.    Bring outfit pieces to try on

If you happen to be hunting for lingerie to match to a particular outfit and your shopping at a physical store, you're best off bringing the outfit to rendezvous with the lingerie and get an insight on how they both go together. Remember that for light or pastel outfits, white or nude lingerie looks best, and dark lingerie fits with dark colored clothing. If you’re feeling adventurous and going for an edgy look, try pairing a bright, fun color bra under a light, open blouse with long arm cutouts, sort of a peek-a-boo game for your lingerie.

5.    If you are shopping for someone, be sure to know their size

The cardinal rule of shopping for any clothing or lingerie for someone else: it is imperative to know their size to get a perfect fit! Don’t assume that all bra band sizes are the same or think you can guess their cup size or panty size. Women can be very sensitive to even the slightest insinuations, a big turn off is showing up with a gift of oversized lingerie; it could even come off as offensive to people who are very sensitive about their size and body image. If the gift isn’t a surprise, go ahead and ask, she will be delighted that you care enough to get the right size. If you want to keep it on the down low, take a sneak peek at the garment label, that should point you in the right direction. Lastly, pay attention to her style. If she’s shy and conservative, and is more comfortable in that type of lingerie, don’t spring for a skimpy harness and nipple pasties. 

As many circumstances come to play when shopping for your perfect lingerie, the above tips are sure to guide you through the headaches of a somewhat highly selective process. Other tips to ensure you get what's ideal for you are browsing online ahead of purchase and reading other customer’s reviews, measuring yourself every so often to make sure you’re buying the right size, and utilizing help features like live chats or sales personnel assistance. If you’re just not sure but want to take a chance, buy it and try it - if you don’t love it, return until you find the perfect piece of lingerie that makes your heart melt.

We surely wish you a sexy lingerie experience!

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Thanks for the article, I found this really helpful as I don't have a lot of experience shopping for lingerie until recently. I just had a breast augmentation and am finally so excited to start pretty lingerie!


This is such a great article. I have a younger sister I've been trying to help with buying her first bra (she's 13) and it's been really frustrating but I sent her this article and now she feels more at ease and has even shown me a few styles she likes. Thanks for the great advice!

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