Heiress Schaefer’s collection of garters and stockings includes intricately detailed floral artwork. This gorgeous collection includes delicate pastel and lace black garters – always exotic and sensual – that turn up the heat on intimate attire.

Maison Close’s Belle de Nuit Porte-Jarrettelles Garter is sexy and sleek, with a dazzling metallic fringe sparkling on each side. Cross cutout straps are mirrored in a pattern on the back, creating the ultimate look of sensual desire. The bold fringe intrigues and draws both the eye and the hand.

The Rue des Demoiselles Porte-Jarretelles Garter is a hip-hugging sheer silk with a seductive lace border and crisp polka dot design. The smooth and alluring silk is a counterpoint to black ribbon straps, a chic and seductive design.

Other luxurious garters feature exquisite lace with matching ribbons, and softly sensual colors like cream, powder blue, mocha, and white.

Heiress Schaefer’s lush and stylish garters set a new standard for fine lingerie as a starting point for passion and desire. Sultry and erotic, with superior European and Australian designers behind our collections, there’s nothing predictable or plain about these high-end, sexy garters. The sophisticated and breathtaking design details are a counterpoint to the erotic imagery these beautiful pieces create.

After all, garters are not simply made to hold stockings. Whether functional or ornamental, lace, silk, spandex, and fringe are designed to create an overall mood of sensual desire. From cutout patterns to delicate embroidery, from the intimacy of the bedroom to the sexy underpinnings of the boardroom, garters are made to enhance every woman’s mood. Our unparalleled collections will serve as a perfect and passionate addition to a beautiful wedding day.

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