Heiress Schaefer’s exquisite women’s sexy panties feature designs by Lucienne Faller, in the LOU lingerie line, and the sensual Maison Close. Offering the ultimate in appealing sensuality, these erotic, visually stunning designs will elevate any woman’s intimate wardrobe to new, seductive heights.

From all-lace shorties to lace-up thongs, satin-tied culottes, and sheer briefs, our panty collection is sleek, sophisticated, and shimmering with sexuality. Nothing bland or boring curves against your skin with our collection. We offer both silky, comfortable panties and kinky panties designed to heat up any romance.

LOU’s Fee des Reves High Cut Briefs meld a high-cut, all-lace style with a seductive laced opening in back. Created with luxurious Leavers lace, this delicate item offers the height of sensual sophistication.

Both transparent and opaque, the delicately embroidered Delice Mocha Thong reveals a pearl relief pattern and a deeply feminine appeal in a classic thong style.

The Fee des Reves Ivoire Shorty is comparatively demur, a vision of soft lace; the Palais Voltaire Guêpière String is a lace-up thong with detachable garters, designed to enhance any boudoir rendezvous with its floral pattern and lace-up back.

The vibrant Piccadilly Emerald Shorty’s stunningly detailed lace is sleek as a second skin, adding grace and heat to a softly defining panty style. And then there’s the sheer, playful petit culotte set with satin ribbons and sensual messages written in French on the backside. Are you "obéissante" - obedient, or “desobéissante" - disobedient?

For simpler tastes, the softly sexy Snow White Panty merges innocence with sex appeal. Charming peek-a-boo lace on the hips and a white satin bow highlight this lovely, minimal style.

And for the sensual piece de résistance - the Soie Chérie Harnais String Thong, made of silk, edged in black lace with adjustable garters, and a riveting halter-top strap. Shop today for women’s sexy panties, because you deserve the best.