Heiress Schaefer is thrilled to offer a line of gorgeous luxurious briefs for men, from an elusive world-renowned designer. NEW CAPTAIN™ is famous for taking the tailoring concept to male underwear, and proudly designs and manufactures each piece in Brazil, crafted from the finest fabrics and materials.

With an unmistakable DNA for each season, NEW CAPTAIN™ reassures its will of using tailoring concepts to create pieces. A pioneer in sophisticating male underwear in Brazil, the brand is now reinterpreting two of its classics - the New Flamê and New Vertical lines.

With an exclusive design and anti-pilling finishing touch, the New Flamê's noble modal flamê boxer with a covered waistline is extra soft. The special touch provides an impeccable fit, in addition to style and greater comfort. Made of Egyptian cotton, the New Vertical line displays tailoring elements, a velvet feeling and velvet stripes used on the sides. With an exclusive design, pieces such as long john and boxer shorts have elastics covered, inside finishing on hemlines and velvet fabrics, such as combed cotton and Egyptian cotton – ensuring sophistication and comfort.

NEW CAPTAIN™ classics, New Vertical and New Flamê models were redesigned and have new features, such as metallic wires and velvet stripes on the sides. Each brief comes neatly packaged in a gift box with a strong design displaying the product sophistication and commitment to perfection.

Photographed with international top model Miro Moreira, the inspiration for the campaign came from fetishes. After a vast research, a few icons in this trend were chosen accessorize the main theme: creating lust in the universe of underwear consumers.

The brand steps out of its comfort zone and prioritizes the search for the imaginary aspect of seduction. NEW CAPTAIN™, an underwear luxury brand, has a large portfolio going from basic colors pantone to the concept of a campaign. In this case, the goal was not to expose the matter, but to present different pieces with new molds, refinery and technology.