Heiress Schaefer’s luxurious and seductive robes are made from 100% microfiber in California and each is embellished with Swarovski crystals, all placed by hand. From elegant wedding robes to breathtaking floral and animal patterns, our robes offer the ultimate in sensuality and beauty.

Our Victorian Jungle Robe features a wild and exotic leopard print in shades of lush turquoise. With a long sleeve and a short-cut, this microfiber robe offers colorful comfort and a sensual look at the wild jungle. Swarovski rhinestones are applied by hand.

The Black Sea Robe with black and gold stenciled floral patterns with the secret skill to steal a lover’s heart. Adorned with Swarovski rhinestones, this robe weaves a hypnotic spell of rich sensuality.

The playful colors of the Hawaiian Hibiscus Robe is sprinkled with crystals to catch the eye and draw the touch. This beautiful, pastel long-cut robe  would be at home on a romantic getaway to an exotic island, or beside a roaring fire in any intimate boudoir.

Our Moroccan Goddess Robe draws the wearer into the decadent and exciting Moroccan mystique. With a sleek and seductive style, this long-sleeve, short-cut microfiber robe offers comfort and a smooth and sexy feel, combined with a vibrant pattern.

Our bridal robes come in several designs, perfect for that special day. These plush, luxurious long-sleeved, short robes are comfortable, and as soft as a second skin. On the back, rose gold Swarovski crystals spell out “Bride” in an elegant script, with a diamond ring design or a simple cursive pattern.

And for the members of the wedding party, our bridesmaid robe provides stylish comfort in a lux wrap made of deluxe microfiber. Long-sleeved and short-cut, rose gold Swarovski crystals spell “Bridesmaid” across the back, featuring a delicate three-flower rose crystal design. Swarovski crystal flowers additionally enhance this soft robe’s front left pocket.

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