Smart Device PowerBank


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Smart Device PowerBank
Smart Device PowerBank
  • Exclusive Features

    Ultra efficient battery

    Easy, clean display

    Hi-tech sensor

    Utlra thin

    Made from the best materials

Charge your phone, tablet, PC, laptop and other electronic devices with this ultra thin power bank anytime, anywhere. This compact, portable power bank has a good battery of 4000 Mah and is equipped with USB and micro USB. These high quality power banks make for a great travel accessory, so you can easily pack this in your purse, suitcase, briefcase, or even in your car. Comes in radiant silver with the Heiress Schaefer logo.

Works with: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, HTC and Samsung


In today's world, we're constantly on the go. People want to be out and about and sometimes you're without any access to an outlet to charge up. Not anymore! Charge your powerbank and throw it in your purse, car, or bag and have the ability to charge your smart device anytime, anywhere.

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